Ormiston NEW Academy

Excellence through Endeavour



Here at the Ormiston NEW Academy, we feel that success and achievement run alongside each other. Achievement is something that is reached, like an exam result and success, in contrast, is a state of being. We feel that by giving our students the opportunity to gain PiXLEdge encourages the development of the whole person, their confidence and ultimately enables them to be Successful.

PiXL Edge gives our students skills in Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication (LORIC), which in turn makes them stand out above and beyond others of the same age.

Students will undertake a series of independent, small group and class activities across Year 7 and Year 8 in order to achieve the ‘Apprentice’ level. In addition to the activities completed in school students can log any activities or clubs they take part in outside of school. At the end of Year 8 the PiXL Apprentice level will be part of the criteria for the KS3 graduation.

Upon starting KS4 studies in Y9, students will be given the option to undertake the Graduate level qualification and once in 6th form students will be able to opt to study towards the Masters level which is accredited with UCAS points.


The Attributes:

  • L – Leadership
  • O – Organisation
  • R – Resilience
  • I – Initiative
  • C – Communication


For further information on PiXL Edge please contact Mrs Clarke, Raising Standards Leader Lower School.