Ormiston NEW Academy

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Ormiston NEW Academy have built good working relationships with numerous colleges in Canada and the USA.  TRU; Frazier Valley UNI; UBC Vancouver; WM College are just a few.

We will help prepare learners who are looking for the opportunity of a scholarship abroad.

  • Support throughout the whole application & clearing process.
  • Tuition in preparing for SATS entrance exams.
  • Create a video profile of game footage.
  • Introduce learners to suitable colleges.

Throughout the year we have college coaches visit our football academy to present what their college can offer each learner and give each learner the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the Canada and USA college system and how scholarships work.

A football scholarship (soccer) gives athletes the opportunity to play football in the USA and Canada whilst simultaneously working towards an internationally recognised university degree. scholarship will help provide a platform to future success.Through our network of college coaches, we are able to link talented student soccer players to programs that reflect their academic and athletic ambitions.

How does a USA Sports Scholarship work?

USA and Canada Football Scholarships are becoming increasingly competitive due to the world-class facilities, high level of coaching and professional opportunities on offer. Collegiate sport is a huge business in the United States and Canada, involving massive corporate sponsorship, huge fan-bases, and National television coverage.

Students that are supported by a USA or Canada sports scholarship will simultaneously work towards an undergraduate degree. This can be in any field offered by the university.

Competition in certain professions is very high and employers will often look, for someone who breaks the mold and stands out from the crowd. Gaining a sports scholarship and studying in America or Canada does exactly that.