December Live Lessons – Year 10 & 12

Posted on: 4th December 2020

From Monday (7th December), we are going to be rolling out live lessons using Microsoft Teams for year 10, you can find the schedule below. There will also be live lessons available for year 12 students.

Live lessons timetable for years 10 and 12

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We appreciate there are going to be lots of questions and some concerns. So, we’re writing this week to update, answer some questions and give you the opportunity to contact us with any questions.

Students have had an introduction to using Teams, it is very much like any other video platform but it integrates well with already existing student accounts and it’s easy to access. Microsoft has done an excellent video here:

We are also mindful that teaching and learning online with large classes is a learning curve for all of us, so we’ve developed some friendly guidance and expectations that will help us all. I’ve attached this document, it’s called Live Lesson Expectations.

I know that there will be lots of questions about signing in, devices, bandwidth and safety – this excellent article from Microsoft will offer some reassurances If you still have questions or have any problems with accessing devices or the internet, please drop us a private message on Facebook or email [email protected] and we’ll try and help.

All groups and students will continue to be taught remotely so please encourage them to keep picking work up via the VLE. Year 10 students will be able to find work on VLE in the folder called Y10 4th-11th of December and year 12 students will find it in the folder called Y12 7th-11th December.

We very much appreciate all of the support and encouragement that you have given us as we try and bring things back to a version of normal.

Mrs L Wilkes
Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning
Ormiston NEW Academy


Live Lessons Expectations
Live Lessons GDPR

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