Aims, ethos and values

Saying and printing excellence through endeavour over and over again doesn’t make it real. At Ormiston North East Wolverhampton Academy we live and breathe our philosophy of character education, ensuring that all of our young people get the education that they deserve. We want the best for them when they leave. Character education is about opportunity, hard work and standards. We’ll be by your side every step of the way, whether you are a parent, carer or student. And it’s more than just what happens in the classroom, it’s the hard work that turns a year 7 student into a credit to their family, their community and their school.

“Character education is about opportunity, hard work and standards”

Everybody matters. This is important. We pride ourselves on knowing our students and working in partnership with them and their families. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, we believe in getting the best out of the individual, whatever it takes. This requires balance – healthy doses of grit and determination but also scoops of happiness and an abundance of smiles. It’s a place for everyone to feel at home. The mutual respect needed to make an academy the cornerstone of community aspiration is paramount. We have high standards and high expectations. Above all, we have pride in ourselves and each other

Our teachers teach because they love to impart knowledge and work with and inspire young people. They are passionate about learning, have a deep love for their subject and ensure students get the best support they need to improve. Being experts, they will share their expertise and then help recreate it, so you know how to succeed. They will rip apart barriers, show you classical civilisations, introduce you to mind-blowing ideas and enable you to learn from great leaders, all in a safe and empowering environment. All of our staff are committed to this, to you. Teachers and students, we all learn as one. We’ll fail too, but it’s a safe place to step back and start again. We’ll celebrate together and work on the challenges together. But, most importantly, we’re here for you, it’s important that you know that. And we don’t and will never give up.