Aims, ethos and values

Central to everything we do in the academy is our core value of CARE. There are four aspects to this:

  • Calm: we are purposeful and recognise the need for courtesy and patience to ensure we do not disturb the work or play of others.
  • Aspiration: achieve the very best by taking part fully in class, pride in our work and uniform, working to the best of our ability and setting our goals high.
  • Respect: always speak to staff and other students with respect and dignity. Think carefully about our speech, actions and body language, so not to offend anyone in our school community
  • Engagement: engaged in our learning and are committed to taking an active part in the life of the Academy.

The academy is a place where all are valued and welcome in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance. We place a high value on personal appearance, so our students are well presented, happy, confident learners who are polite to each other, staff and visitors.

Our vision is to help all students, irrespective of ability or special educational need, to succeed and be the best they can be. We want all our students to acquire good life skills, take pride in themselves, be confident and have high self-esteem. Through hard work and determination we will ensure our students develop excellent employability skills that will enable them to be successful throughout their adult lives as responsible citizens in 21st Century Britain.

Students are expected to do their best at all times, to be determined to succeed and not to give up. Our students must be persistent in their pursuit of excellence, through determination, resilience and grit.

We place great value on our partnership with parents/carers and our local community. We also work closely with our partner primary schools, local secondary schools and all Ormiston Academies . We have a large number of business partners, who offer different opportunities and experiences for our students. Our extracurricular provision is growing all the time, enabling students to experience opportunities above and beyond the provision during the normal Academy day.