Behaviour for learning

Behaviour for Learning Expectations are shared between the staff and students so that all students have a right to learn and all staff have a right to facilitate learning.

At NEW we expect learners to:

  • Arrive at the academy on time
  • Wear the correct uniform at all times
  • Bring the correct equipment to all lessons
  • Give 100% effort in lessons
  • Display a positive attitude to learning & behaviour
  • Respect all staff and other students at all times

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Calm, Aspiration, Respect, Engaged

Everything we do at the Academy ties into our CARE values (Calm, Aspiration, Respect, Engaged) we expect our students to demonstrate these values in day to day life at the Academy, as well as in their home life out of school.

Celebrating success

The Academy promotes high standards of learning through positive recognition, in return, we expect the very highest standards from all our students. Students’ achievements are recognised in a variety of areas such as regular and improving attendance, high levels of punctuality, demonstrating over and above behaviours, outstanding academic success, extra-curricular participation and community or voluntary work. Through the Academy’s house system, students will be awarded house points for excellent work, effort and for going ‘above and beyond’ in the day to day aspects of school life.

Successes are celebrated in a variety of ways, ranging from verbal praise, meetings with parents/carers, praise postcards, letters, texts, emails and phone calls home, to more formal events such as Awards Assemblies and Graduation Ceremonies.

The Academy values students varied contributions and encourages students to take up positions of responsibility within its Student Leadership Programme which starts in Year 7 and includes all year groups.

Attitude to Learning Grades

Grade 1 – ‘Outstanding’ work, effort or contribution

Grade 2 – Standard. All students start lessons as ‘good’

Grade 3 – Lack of equipment, homework or late

Grade 4 – Any behaviour incident. (MUST be followed up by Behaviour Management on SIMs by the end of the school day.)