Excellence through Endeavour

Behaviour for learning

We want all students to enjoy their time at the Academy and to achieve their full potential. Our inclusive, caring environment promotes positive behaviour and self discipline. We expect the behaviour and attitudes of students in classrooms and around the campus to promote their learning and the learning of others. Behaviour for learning ensures students are learning at all times and places great emphasis on praise and the recognition of the student’s achievements and success across the Academy.

Open Space


The Academy promotes high standards of learning through positive encouragement and rewards, in return, we expect the very highest standards from all our students. Students’ achievements are recognised in a variety of areas such as regular and improving attendance, high levels of punctuality, good behaviour, consistently correct uniform, academic success, extracurricular participation, community or voluntary work, and all round effort. Through the Academy’s house system, students will be awarded house points for excellent work, effort and for going ‘above and beyond’ in the day to day aspects of school life.

Calm, aspiration, respect and engagement values

The Academy Student Council has lead the development of the Academy CARE values (Calm, Aspirational, Respectful, Engaged) which underpins all aspects of Academy life. Download the Academy’s Respect Booklet here.

Celebrating success

Successes are celebrated in a variety of ways, ranging from verbal praise, meetings with parents/carers, praise postcards, letters, texts, emails and phone calls home, to more formal events such as Celebration and Awards Assemblies.

The Academy values students varied contributions and encourages students to take up positions of responsibility within its Student Leadership Programme which starts in Year 7 and includes all year groups.


To ensure students in the academy achieve their full potential we endeavour to ensure their learning environment is always in line with our CARE values. In the event of any undesirable behaviour or actions students will follow a series of consequences. Using Classcharts, students are issued a strike which may lead to detentions or more series consequences if the student does not rectify the undesirable behaviour. Please click here to see the B4L framework used across the Academy, and here to view the detentions process.