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Physical Education

  • Head of Subject: Mr M. Weston
  • Year groups taught: 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11


Welcome to Physical Education, all students participate within PE throughout key stage 3 and 4. We offer many sporting activities on or off the field for our students to take pride in and participate in no matter what their ability. This includes curriculum time and extra-curricular activities.

Why is this subject important?

  • It is linked to good health  and is a preventive measure against disease
  • It promotes academic learning
  • It builds self esteem
  • It develops cooperation, teamwork and organisation skill
  • It promotes a physically active lifestyle

Resources to highlight

Throughout the year students will have access to a range of equipment not just including sports equipment but also ICT equipment like iPads to help assess and improve performance of themselves and those around them.

Key stage 3 and 4 – Core Physical Education


Throughout KS3/KS4 students will participate in core PE lessons once a week. They will develop a range or skill and participate in a variety of activities (see below). Students must always bring their kit to lessons and participate effectively and efficiently.

Structure of course

All students will participate in one 75 minute lesson per week. Every half term the students move on to another activity, during bad weather students participate in health related fitness lessons which includes exercising safely in a number of active situations.

The department offer a range of extra-curricular activities, which change each term. Please look at what is on offer right now. Clubs run from 3:15pm-4:15pm, alongside the fixtures teams are entered in.

Topics covered

  • Badminton
  • Trampolining
  • Gymnastics
  • Health Related Fitness
  • Rugby
  • Football
  • Leadership
  • Hockey
  • Rounders
  • Athletics
  • Cricket

The skills students will learn during this course are

Students will develop a range of skills (practically and mentally): Communication skills, team working skills, co-operation skills, organisation skills, Enthusiasm, literacy skills, numeracy skills, confidence, and leadership.

Students are assessed by

Students are assessed at the end of each activity and give a level they are working at with KS3. KS4 students are not formally assessed, however are continuously given feedback to improve.

Key stage 4 – GCSE Physical Education


Students who wish to choose Physical Education as an option will complete a GCSE in this subject. GCSE Physical Education a mix of theory and practical based work. Students will be required to apply their knowledge of theory units to practical situations. Students will be expected to attend extra-curricular sessions to develop and progress.

  • Qualifications: GCSE in Physical Education (2PE01)
  • QAN Code: 500/4676/7
  • Examining body: Edexcel

The skills and qualities Students need to succeed in this course are

Communication skills, team working skills, co-operation skills, organisation skills, Enthusiasm, literacy skills, numeracy skills, confidence, and leadership.

What you will study

In this course students will participate in one practical lesson and one theory lesson per week.

You will be marked out of 10 across 4 activities. You can be assessed as a performer, leader and official. You must be a performer in at least 2 activities: Some of the activities we offer at the Academy are Badminton, Basketball, Football, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Rounder’s, Cricket.


  • Years 9 and 10 – Unit 1: Healthy, active lifestyles – Healthy lifestyle, benefits of physical activity, influences, opportunities, provision and agencies, health related fitness, components of fitness, principles of training, training methods, diet.
  • Year 11 – Unit 2: Your healthy, active body – Body types (somatotypes), drugs, hazards and risk in sports, Injury in sport, short and long term impact of physical activity, muscular and skeletal systems

Students are assessed by

Students are continually assessed throughout the three years by mock exams and practical moderations in preparation for their final exam and moderation in Year 11. This information is marked and graded which is then fed back to the student to help achieve their target grades and goals.

Final exam components

  • 40% theory
  • Final exam 60% practical assessed

What might Students study after this?

Sports studies or Physical Education (BTEC or AS/A level) at sixth form or collage then onto university.

Possible careers

PE Teacher, Fitness instructor, Gym instructor, Sports coach/leader, leisure facilities, sports advertising, sports journalism.

For more information please contact

Mr M Weston

Curriculum maps

Download our curriculum maps here, to find out more about each year:

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