Special Educational Needs and Disability

Students with special educational needs (SEN) who are identified as requiring support in the transition from primary to secondary school are placed in our Nurture Group. This supports a maximum of 14 students and provides them with more of a primary school atmosphere for their English, Maths, Science and Humanities lessons. This continues into Year 8 for students who require it. The aim of the Nurture Group is to allow access to the curriculum in a more supportive setting which fosters self-esteem and confidence. All lessons within the Nurture Group also have a Teaching Assistant (TA) present.

Year 7 students with their Lexia certificates

Year 7 students with their Lexia certificates

Our Nurture Group allows access to the curriculum in a supportive setting which fosters self-esteem and confidence. Students with SEN who do not require the Nurture Group, and students in Year groups 9 to 13 should receive differentiated class work and homework from their mainstream teachers. SEN students are supported within mainstream classes by a TA where necessary. Interventions are tailored to the needs of the student and progress is closely monitored. Special exam arrangements will be made for identified students with SEN.

Each of our TA’s are linked to a specific area of need from the SEN code of practice in order for them to support students effectively and advise subject staff on how to differentiate appropriately for students within their lessons.

The Academy has an onsite Student Counsellor who students have access to should they require it. Where necessary we will refer students to outside agencies for further support.

The Academy operates disabled lifts in all multi-storey buildings and there are designated disabled toilets on all floors for students with physical disabilities.

Most Able Students

Our most able students are identified through either their Key Stage 2 results or by teachers recognising specific skills or talents.  These students benefit from a range of additional opportunities to further develop their knowledge, skills and talents both in the classroom and beyond.  The Academy ensures the most able are challenged through the provision of more difficult tasks and learning activities and higher order questioning techniques.

The most able are encouraged to take advantage of the additional opportunities offered to all Academy students aimed at broadening their horizons through enriching experiences.  These include additional extra-curricular classes, educational visits, discussion groups with visiting speakers including university lecturers, published authors and successful local businesses.

Academy staff know it is important that all students succeed with the most able being given every opportunity to achieve scholastic excellence.

Useful links

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