Support staff

Teaching Assistants Mrs A Hawkins: Deputy Director of SEND. Specialises in Speech, Language & Communication
Mrs V Bytheway: Inclusion Assistant
Miss S Kumari: Cognition and Learning Assistant
Mrs S Langley: Transition and Nurture Assistant
Mrs T Nicholls: Social, Emotional and Mental Health Assistant
Mrs M Sarai: EAL Assistant
Cover Supervisor Miss R McCurdy
Miss N Bircher
Mrs L Bridges
Mr A Hickman
Mr M Davis
Senior Midday Supervisor Mrs D Bood
Mrs L Sprio
Mrs S Sprio
Midday Supervisor Mr L Holub
Academic Coaches Miss D Evans
Mr J Singh
Sixth Form Academic Mentor Mrs S Henderson
Apprentice – Community Health & Sports Officer Mr J Bolger
Inclusion Centre Manager Mrs A Taylor
Counsellor Mr C LueQuee
Librarian & Study Skills Tutor Miss J Evans
Pastoral Team Ms A Sharma: Pastoral Manager
Miss S Mason: Pastoral Officer Post 16
Mrs N Lewis: Pastoral Officer & Admissions Coordinator
Mrs S Belstone
Mr G Brittain: Staff Support Instructor/Pastoral Officer

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