Ormiston NEW Academy

Excellence through Endeavour

About sixth form

The Team

Your NEWA6 team are dedicated to maximising the potential of every student in the sixth form. We have a skilled team of staff who manage and support NEWA6. They are:

  • Miss K Everitt-Smith: Associate Principal, Post 16
  • Mrs S Mason: Pastoral Officer, Post 16
  • Mrs S Henderson: Academic Mentor, Post 16
  • Miss D Evans: Academic Mentor, Post 16

Academic Mentoring

Our specialist mentors provide your child with expert advice and coaching, no matter what. At NEWA6 we believe in fostering and supporting all learners. A key part of our academic support programme is the role of Academic Mentors in supporting and developing students. Our mentors are graduate specialists from all curriculum areas so no matter what; your child can receive expert advice and coaching.

Year 13 students have access to a scheduled Academic Mentoring session, where needed, in which they are given bespoke guidance and support with their courses. This enables all students to receive customised support in order to maximise their potential and realise their grades. The Academic Mentoring Programme is central to boosting self-esteem and academic confidence and developing confident young people.


We are incredibly fortunate to have many fantastic facilities at NEWA6 for our students. At NEWA6 the facilities we use are focussed on developing outstanding teaching to develop outstanding learning in our students. Our facilities enable state of the art learning to take place and our students to maximise their potential.

Some of our many facilities include:

  • Exclusive NEWA6 Centre
  • Exclusive Computer Rooms
  • UCAS and university prospectus library
  • Use of University of Wolverhampton Library
  • Refreshments and Kitchen Facilities
  • Academic Mentoring and Private Study Rooms

Dress code

At NEWA6 we expect a professional working environment and part of this comes from our dress code. Students are expected to wear smart business wear for lessons at NEWA6. This creates a professional, hardworking ethos enabling students to thrive both academically and holistically. Our students themselves designed the dress code as they feel it benefits their education.

NEWA6 students are expected to wear:

  • Dark trousers for men
  • Dark trouser skirt or dress for ladies
  • Plain blouse or shirt – ties for men
  • Plain jumper
  • Blazer
  • Dark footwear – no trainers or branded footwear