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Learning Pathways

There are two pathways at NEWA6. We cater for students who have their 5 A*-C GCSE grades with English and Maths and also for students with 4 A*-C grades but without English or Maths. Our Educational offer reflects the need for GCSE qualification in English and Maths at grade C level for the modern workplace and for university.

Students are expected to continue their subjects into a second year of study (A2). In order to do this they must achieve in the subject, meet deadlines and show commitment through 95% attendance to each course.

Students are expected to study three courses, Information Advice and Guidance and Extended Project as a minimum expectation. Any student wishing to study medicine at university may study 4 AS subjects in Year 12.

Years 12 and 13

Curriculum offer 1 – students with 5 A*–C with English and maths

Students are expected to study three subjects from the five blocks.

Year 12

Curriculum offer 2 – students with 4 A*–C without English and maths

Year 13

* Subject to meeting course requirements

A Levels

What are A Levels?

AS/A2 Levels provide a route to University giving students excellent independent study and research skills. A Levels are assessed in modules with some being coursework based but all A-levels contain at least one examined module.

A Levels are academic qualifications which require the ability for in-depth study and extended research. To study A Levels you will need five GCSEs at grade C or above and at least a grade B in the subjects you wish to take for A Level.

In Year 12 you will study four subjects at AS Level. Most students will study three subjects at A2. Students who have outstanding GCSEs (A*–A) will be guided to study four for the full two years.


What are BTECs?

BTECs are vocational qualifications that provide a more practical, hands on approach to learning and skill development alongside a key theoretical background.

BTECs continue to be developed and updated for industry requirements and in response to the needs of learners. This ensures that learners gain maximum benefit from their work whilst qualifying. This could be in readiness for the workplace or continued study at the next level, whether in an academic environment or a more specialist vocational area.

BTEC qualifications that we offer are Subsidiary Diploma (equivalent to one A Level), 90-Credit Diploma (equivalent to 1½ A Levels) and Diploma (equivalent to two A Levels). They offer natural progression along a vocational path to university.

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