6th Form Curriculum

Level Subject Course achieved upon completion of 2 Years
3 3D Design A Level
3 Applied Business A Level Applied Business
3 Applied ICT A Level Applied ICT
3 Biology A Level Biology
3 Computer Science A Level Computer Science
3 Chemistry A Level Chemistry
3 Engineering BTEC Diploma Engineering
2 English GCSE English
3 English Literature A Level English Literature
3 Film Studies A Level Film Studies
3 Fine Art A Level Fine Art
3 Graphic Communication A Level Graphic Communication
3 Health and Social Care Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in Health and Social Care
3 History A Level History
3 Mathematics A Level Mathematics
2 Mathematics GCSE Mathematics
3 Performing Arts BTEC Diploma Performing Arts
3 Performing Arts BTEC Diploma Performing Arts
3 Photography A Level Photography
3 Physics A Level Physics
3 Psychology A Level Psychology
3 Religious Studies A Level Religious Studies
3 Sociology A Level Sociology
3 Sport BTEC Diploma in Sport