Design & Technology

Design and Technology A Level

  • Head of Subject: Mr M Lawless
  • Years Taught: 12 to 13, Key stage 5
  • Qualification: A Level Design and Technology
  • Examining Board: WJEC

Course content

Design and Technology provides opportunities for learners to follow a course that is inspiring, rigorous coherent and balanced. The learners will be expected to be creative, innovative and solve problems that they have realised themselves and use the iterative design process in making real products that solve real problems identified by themselves.

The course will enable learners to:

  • Be open to taking design risks, showing innovation and enterprise whilst considering their role as responsible designers and citizens
  • Develop intellectual curiosity about the design and manufacture of products and systems, and their impact on daily life and the wider world
  • Work collaboratively to develop and refine their ideas, responding to feedback from users, peers and expert practitioners
  • Gain an insight into the creative, engineering and/or manufacturing industries
  • Develop the capacity to think creatively, innovatively and critically through focused research and the exploration of design opportunities arising from the needs, wants and values of users and clients
  • Develop knowledge and experience of real world contexts for design and technological activity
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of materials, components and processes associated with the creation of products that can be tested and evaluated in use
  • Be able to make informed design decisions through an in-depth understanding of the management and development of taking a design through to a prototype/product
  • Be able to create and analyse a design concept and use a range of skills and knowledge from other subject areas, including mathematics and science, to inform decisions in design and the application or development of technology

How will the course be assessed?

Component 1: Design and Technology in the 21st Century
Written examination: 3 hours
50% of qualification

Learners take a single examination in product design.

The examination includes a mix of structured and extended writing questions assessing learners’ knowledge and understanding of:

  • Technical principles
  • Designing and making principles along with their ability to; analyse and evaluate wider issues in design and technology

Component 2: Design and make project
Non-exam assessment: approximately 80 hours
50% of qualification

A sustained design and make project, based on a brief developed by the candidate, assessing the candidate’s ability to:

  • Identify, investigate and outline design possibilities
  • Design and make prototypes
  • Analyse and evaluate design decisions and outcomes, including for prototypes made by themselves and others

The design and make project will be based within the same endorsed area as the written examination.

Entry requirements:

A minimum of five GCSEs 4–9 or a BTEC Introductory qualification in Art, Design and Media.

Progression routes:

This course provides a suitable foundation for the study of design and technology or a related area through a range of higher education courses, progression to the next level of vocational qualifications or employment. In addition, the specification provides a coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study for learners who do not progress to further study in this subject.

For further information contact:

Mr M. Lawless