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Course content

Students will study three units:

  • Unit 1 – The Tudors 1485-1603
  • Unit 2 – Democracy and Nazism: Germany, 1918–1945
  • Unit 3 – Non-Examined Assessment on Russia 1856-1964

Entry requirements

GCSE grade 5 minimum in History and/or grade 5 English.

You can take History AS without having done History GCSE but you must have achieved a grade 5 or higher in English.

Course information

The Tudors

Assesses students’ understanding of breadth and of historical interpretations. Students learn about all the Tudor monarchs and complete an exam with three questions: a compulsory source question and answer two essays from a choice of three.


Assesses understanding of the depth and the value of primary sources. Students learn about the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany. Like unit 1 there are three questions: a compulsory source question and answer two essays from a choice of three.

Non-examined Assessment

Unit 3 is a Historical Investigation (non-exam assessment) which examines differences and similarities between the Russian Tsars and the Communist Leaders who followed them. The Historical Investigation must: be independently researched and written by the student and be presented in the form of a piece of extended writing of between 3000 and 3500 words in length.

Assessment methods

A-level students must take assessments in all three of the following components in the same series:

  • Component 1: Breadth study 40% (Tudors)
  • Component 2: Depth study 40% (Germany)
  • Component 3: Historical investigation 20% (Russia)

Progression routes

This qualification may form part of the entry requirements for progression to higher education or employment. Students may progress to the full A level in this subject from this qualification.

History can lead to a number of career options including those where historical knowledge has direct application including: Journalism, Media, Museums, Teaching Law, Politics, Social Work and Nursing & Medicine.

For further information contact

Mrs A Nicklin

Student quotes

History is not always easy, but the past is what matters to make the future a better place. History allows you to explore the minds of the greatest people who ever lived. After all, without History what we would we know?”

Natasha G, Year 13 2017

Studying History is different from studying anything else. There are no rules or right answers only facts and interpretations. Being able to think for yourself and enjoying lessons full of fun and interesting information is perhaps the best educational feeling there is.”

Andre M, Head Boy 2017

History allows me to appreciate many interpretations and see the world from many different viewpoints. The past allows me to learn from other people’s failures and endeavours. History has been a major part of my education and I will never stop loving it..”

Morgan H, Year 13 2017