Posted on: 18th June 2020

BLM poster of Nelson Mandela. "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

As with all matters of inequality, we address this through learning. We want to state that NEWA is against any form of racism, we support the Black Lives Matter movement and we believe that learning is a force for positive change.

Education is the most powerful weapon we have and it is important that we use this to break cycles of hatred and intolerance. We are talking to staff and working with students on how they want to address Black Lives Matter. We’ve always tried to ensure that students are given a safe space to use their powerful, authentic voices and we’ll never go far wrong when we entrust the future to them. We must come together to build a deeper understanding of issues around social justice and equity for all.

Sending love, positivity and best wishes to everyone.

Craig Cooling
Ormiston NEW Academy

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