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BootCamp, Year 10

Posted on: 28th January 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

As I am sure you are aware, there have been significant changes to the Academy over the past term that are rapidly improving the progress of our students. The changes and expectations have been communicated in a number of ways, on our website, through social media and via text messages to yourselves.

Our students have also been informed of the changes and expectations through assemblies, tutor time and through two ‘Bootcamp Sessions’. These sessions outlined both the expectations for behavior and conduct in all areas of Academy life and the rationale behind these expectations. We want our students to be successful and have taken the time to explicitly teach them what this looks like here at the Academy. In some cases, our students have required additional support in order to meet our expectations, for those students we have offered a variety of strategies, from changes to their timetable, Time Out passes to sessions with trained professionals in mental health and anger management.

As a parent or carer of a young person in Year 10 I am sure that you are aware of the importance of their progress at this stage, we have ensured that the structure of their lessons is such that it maximizes their learning. We have introduced a ‘Four Part Lesson’ during which students have clearly defined expectations. They are expected to arrive on time and complete a Do Now task that is based around retrieval of knowledge which is a vital skill in exams. During the second part of the lesson students are expected to SLANT (sit up, lean forward, never interrupt and track the speaker), this allows teachers to share their expertise and ensure the engagement of the students. During the third part of the lesson students complete work based on what they have learnt, this allows the teacher to provide instant feedback to students, address any misconceptions and provide further support should the student require it. The final part of the lesson is where students prepare to leave by standing behind their chairs and wait to be dismissed.

Unfortunately, some of our students are not meeting these expectations which is having a negative impact not only on their learning but also the learning of others in the class. We cannot allow this to happen at such a critical stage in their academic career. Due to this we are increasing our monitoring of Year 10, we will be contacting parents and carers of students who disturb the learning of others or fail to meet the expectations of the Academy to discuss sanctions and further support.

We hope that you support the changes we have implemented so far, should you wish to discuss this further or find out more about the expectations we outlined in our Bootcamp I would like to invite you to a parent/carer session on Wenesday 29th January at 4pm.

Yours sincerely

Mrs K Clarke-Edmunds
Head of Year 10

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