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Posted on: 15th October 2021

Get caught reading, Ormiston Wolverhampton

Ormiston New Academy, in Fordhouses Wolverhampton, developed the initiative to encourage students to read during their free time. If students are ‘caught’ reading a book or magazine of their choice by a member of staff they are given a slip that gives them an automatic invite to a reading celebration assembly at the end of half term. The more times they are ‘caught’ the more slips they get, these slips act as entries into a raffle, the prizes include books, experiences with authors and adaptations, and Kindles.

Vice Principal for Quality of Education, Mrs L Wilkes, said: “We want to encourage students to read for pleasure, this is where they can develop a love of reading. We have our librarians on hand to give out good advice and recommend books the students will enjoy. It’s great to walk around the site and spot students sitting reading, being able to reward them for this is a huge pleasure.

“We’ll be developing the idea in the next half term for students to submit book reviews alongside their ‘Get Caught Reading’ slip to win even more prizes and experiences.

“Reading is for everyone and it unlocks so much throughout education and rewards right through life. We have some vociferous readers at NEWA and we want to encourage them and get many more to join them.”

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