Knife Crime Awareness Assemblies

Posted on: 19th January 2018

Wednesday 17th January PC Rob Pedley and Alison Cope visited the academy to talk to students in Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 about choices and consequences.

In September 2013, Alison’s son Joshua Ribera was stabbed to death at a party to commemorate the life of a friend who had died in a stabbing the previous year. He became involved in a row over a girl which spiralled into a fight and his rival left the club but then returned with a knife. He said he wanted to cut Josh on the arm, but as he pulled the knife, Joshua raised his arm to protect himself and Joshua’s rival plunged the knife into his heart. Joshua sadly died from his injury.

Alison has now dedicated her life to encouraging students to make positive choices, demonstrating the possible detrimental life changing consequences and convincing students that there is another path in life. She told her harrowing story in the hard-hitting, honest and heart breaking assemblies.

Alison’s final message to the students was: ‘think about the decisions you make.’


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