NEW Poem

Posted on: 22nd January 2018


If you can show enthusiasm, when all around you sigh,

And in spite of struggling, always be willing to give anything a try;

If you arrive on time each day, professional and smart,

When others dawdle through the gates reluctant to play their part;

If you inspire others, with creativity and flare,

And help your fellow students when perhaps no one else is there;

If you make being thoughtful a priority each day,

And show your classmates kindness in a variety of ways;

If you express your thoughts and feelings, knowing you’ll be heard,

And demonstrate your empathy in actions and in words;

If you are strong and resilient, with a curious mind to feed,

But know that falling down at times will help you to succeed;

If you show objectivity while those around you judge,

And stand fast to your morals but never hold a grudge;

Then you are a NEWA student, part of our family,

And of the many things you are, that’s the most wonderful, surely?


Category: Academy news