Open E-vents 2020

Posted on: 9th September 2020

Open E-vents 2020

We’re delighted to be able to announce the details of our open e-vents for September. Students and their parents will be able to access and experience a whole range of virtual experiences and activities which will help them make a decision about their secondary school in September 2021.

Families are encouraged to register their interest in our open events so they don’t miss out on any of the planned activities. The form takes 2 minutes to fill in and can be found here:

Principal, Craig Cooling, said: “We’ve come such a long way in the past 12 months despite the pandemic and I am delighted to see that the progress we are making is being recognised. Our open events last year were a huge hit and this year we look forward to building on that success.

“Of course, we are disappointed that we can’t invite families in through the door but safety comes first for everyone. We’ve been meticulous in our planning and communications throughout the pandemic and it’s really important that we provide a safe, enjoyable experience for one of the biggest decisions that a family will make together.

“These open e-vents will give families the opportunity to make the right decision for their child’s education. We are a digitally capable school with a large community on social media, we’ll be engaging with prospective parents and utilising some of the skills that we’ve learned over lockdown to provide some fantastic content for the whole family to enjoy.”

Throughout September, prospective parents will be able to meet the Principal in a LIVE broadcast and submit questions, learn how to apply from our key stage 3 team and find out more about our curriculum and pastoral teams. There will be a podcast with year 7 students answering questions about NEWA from year 6 students and we’ll be running a tour too where you can meet departments.

There will be surprises through the post too for year 6 students and we’ll be writing to parents with our prospectus. But, you need to register to get our updates.

We’re also taking requests! If there’s a particular area of the Academy that interests you, let us know and we’ll do our very best to plan some activity around it – you might want to learn more about our incredible sports facilities or meet the head of science to discuss pathways. Let us know and we’ll put something together for you.

All of the content will be spread over our accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – so follow and subscribe now. Wherever possible, we’ll be broadcasting LIVE and we’ll be posting catch-up content too so you don’t miss anything. Our website will collate all of the links and content so you have a central hub of information.

We can’t wait to give children who are due to start secondary school in September 2021 and beyond, a taste of life at NEWA.

We’ve also created a document with some frequently asked questions (FAQ) which you can access by clicking here.

Please contact us on 01902 623111 or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Meet our staff and students

Virtual Tour


The Application Process

Podcast: Mr Griffin interviews year 7 students

Open E-vents: Mr Cooling

We are delighted to kick our open e-vents off with a LIVE talk from Mr Cooling, which is aimed at families who will be deciding on their secondary school in 2021 and beyond.

We’ve added subtitles to this video to make it easier to access and we are happy to answer any questions that you might have. Thank you

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