Year 10 Summer GCSE Examinations 2022

Posted on: 24th March 2021

Dear parent/carer,

I am writing to inform you of how we intend to support your child to succeed in Summer 2022 with their GCSE examinations. It is our belief that Year 10 have a fantastic opportunity over the next 18 months to realise their potential and achieve excellence next summer.

We will be doing everything we can in order to help them to be successful. Whilst they do have some knowledge and skill gaps as a result of the lockdowns we all experienced, we believe if they work as hard as possible then they have every reason to be optimistic.

In order to help them to both know where they are at regarding their progress and to motivate them to improve we will be expecting them to sit a set of mock examinations, three times, once in each term they have left. After each set of examinations they will also have a “mock results day”.

For the Summer term the:

Mock examination window is the 7th – 18th June


Mock Results day will be Wednesday 30th June In which they will receive their current working at grades.

More information can be found on our exam information page

It is our expectation that students revise each and every night to both prepare for their weekly extended “do now” activities as well as their now planned mock examinations in the Summer. Parents can help students with their revision, for example, by regularly testing them using their knowledge organisers.

Furthermore, in lesson, students can prepare by:

• Using full sentences and articulating their answers.
• Showing their engagement by “opting in” during teacher questioning.
• Being industrious and listening silently when the Teacher shares their expertise.

Please share this guidance and discuss both the progress of your child and the information regarding the mock examination window and results days, over the coming weeks.

We sincerely hope that together we can all help Year 10 to achieve excellence both this and especially next Summer.

Yours sincerely

Mr Cooling

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