Year 11 Assessment Process

Posted on: 19th May 2021

Year 11 students will complete their assessment process 28th May

Dear Parent/Carer

As I am sure you are aware our Year 11 students are currently undertaking a number of assessments in all subject areas as part of our Teacher Assessed Grades process which was outlined in our previous communication. This process is due to be completed by Friday 28th May, at which point, providing we feel that students have sufficient evidence that reflects their hard work, progress and ability levels, there will be no need for them to continue to attend full time. From the 7th June we will be providing students with Careers Education and guidance, PSHE, and Sixth Form induction sessions, this will be through a combination of on site and virtual sessions and will continue until 25th June. More details will be available in due course via the Academy website.

Students will receive their results on Thursday 12th August and will be required to collect them in person from 9am. If, for any reason your young person is unable to collect their results they will be posted to the address we have on our system. Full details of the appeals process will be included within the results pack and we will be available to answer any questions or queries around this on Results Day.

We anticipate that, in a small number of individual cases, there may be some students who do not have sufficient evidence in some of their subject areas. This may be due to a number of different circumstances and as an Academy we feel that no student should be disadvantaged by the disruption to their education caused by the pandemic or the TAG process. As a result these students will be required to return to the Academy following May half term on Monday 7th June to continue to work with subject teachers to ensure that they leave us with the best outcomes possible. If your young person is required to attend after the 28th May we will contact you personally to explain this process in detail.

In the meantime, we will maintain high expectations of our students during this period of assessments. It is important to continue to build resilience and industriousness by ensuring that students are as prepared as possible for the next stage of their life in education or work. Lessons remain important and will continue to be delivered to a high level.

We are incredibly proud of our students who have dealt with the uncertainty of the past twelve months with maturity and determination to succeed, securing grades that reflect this is our priority. I would also like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the support you have provided throughout your young person’s journey here at NEW Academy.

Yours sincerely

Mrs K Clarke-Edmunds
Head of Year

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