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Year 9 options 2021

Posted on: 28th February 2021

Year 9 options

This is an exciting and important time for our Year 9 students. It is the first time that you and your child have been in a position to make choices about what they study. There are different types of courses available to them, some will be familiar, and some might not. There will be the opportunity to begin studying subjects they haven’t yet experienced. This is an important time of transition for our young people, and it is our priority to ensure they are supported to make the right choices for themselves and their future.

This support from the Academy will come in a variety of forms over the coming weeks, from subject teachers, course leaders, form tutors, pastoral and senior staff. We also have career advisers on hand to guide our students to appropriate choices. There will be an opportunity for students to get a taste of key stage 4 subjects, particularly those that they have not experienced before, to help them make their decision. Staff will be on hand to answer any questions you or your child may have. There will also be a chance for you to make an appointment with a member of the senior team to discuss the pathway your child has chosen.

At the Academy, we have made great strides in the last 12 months to develop our curriculum and ensure that it is broad and balanced whilst offering opportunities for all to be successful. This was one of the key drivers in our decision to put off this process until your child was in year 9, allowing them an extra year studying the national curriculum, before specialising.

In this booklet, you will find a page for each of the courses we are hoping to offer from September 2021. It is important to note that it may not be feasible for all courses included here to run; this will depend on the number of students choosing each subject. Each page gives you a brief overview of the course content as well as suggestions of careers this may lead to, and how the course is assessed.

I encourage you to discuss the options available with your child and carefully consider with them which subjects are appropriate for them at this stage in their education.

You can find both the booklet and form here: http://www.onewa.co.uk/our-academy/curriculum/year-9-options-2021/

Reasons to choose a course:

» You will be successful at it.

» You enjoy the subject, and you will want to work hard at.

» You are considering studying the subject beyond GCSE.

Reasons not to choose a course:

» You have found the subject ‘easy’ so far.

» Your friends are choosing the subject.

» Whether or not you like the teacher.

This is a decision your child should not make alone, and I am confident that together we can support them to be successful. Please do get in touch with any of the key staff below, if you have any questions.

Mrs R. Warner
Senior Vice Principal

Mrs R. Warner – Senior Vice Principal [email protected]

Mrs J. McCrystal – Senior Leader KS3 [email protected]

Miss I. James – Head of Year 9 [email protected]

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