Reporting and parents’ evenings

What are parents evenings for?

Parents evenings are held so that you can meet your child’s teachers to talk about your child’s progress, what is going well, where support is needed, how you can support your child’s learning and to let them know more about your child (e.g. other interests/activities your child is involved in, things that might affect their learning such as moving house, a bereavement, etc).  It also provides you with a chance to ask the teachers questions that you or your child may have. Please check the Events Calendar for parents evening dates.

What do I need to do for going to parents evening?

Talk to your child before parents evening about their progress and ask if there are any questions that he/she would like you to ask the teachers.  If you receive your child’s report beforehand, take some time to read it and talk to your child about it so that you can think about the questions you would like to ask.  After parents evening, tell your child about the discussions with teachers and talk about what you can do to best support his/her learning – this is a good opportunity to recognise and praise your child’s strengths.

What questions can I ask at parents evening?

Some questions you might want to ask include:

  • How is my child progressing/getting on with school work?
  • What are they good at?
  • Which areas does my child need to improve in?
  • How much homework should my child be doing?
  • What kind of homework should my child be doing?

What can I do to help my child’s learning?

If you feel that you would like to discuss something in more depth, it might be helpful to make a follow-up appointment to see a teacher.

What do I do if I feel nervous about attending parents evening?

You can take a friend or relative with you to parents evenings if you feel nervous about going.  It might also help to visit the working parent for more information on what happens and what to do at parents evenings.

What happens if I cannot attend parents evening?

Contact the academy if you are unable to go to parents evening and ask if you can make an appointment to see a teacher at a more suitable time. Remember, you do not have to wait until parents evening to discuss any queries or concerns you have. You can contact the academy and ask to speak to a member of staff at any time of the school year.