Sixth form life

NEW6 life also has an important role in the development of personal and social skills. Our Sixth Form Centre includes a suite of dedicated post-16 classrooms, a student study zone, a library with a large selection dedicated to Higher Education and Careers and a dining area. We encourage responsible, independent learning and expect all our students to work hard to maximise their potential. It is this ethos that enables students to thrive and then as a result enjoy life at NEW6.

“Trusting and empowering young people.”

There is a strong NEW6 Steering Group who organise events to add colour and excitement to NEW6 life including local and national experiences and celebration events.  All NEW6 students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through participating in sporting and cultural events, provide community service, engaging in work experience and working alongside academy staff supporting younger students. We hold weekly assemblies which foster a sense of community within NEW6. All NEW6 students have a form tutor who plays a crucial role in enabling them to feel secure and confident in their studies. Each year we hold form competitions such as a Quiz, Rounder’s Tournament and Debate Competition which foster a lively and dynamic atmosphere at NEW6. Our students lead the assemblies themselves which gives them a sense of pride and ownership of NEW6.

NEW6 students often comment on the sense of independence that Sixth Form offers. This is seen as a positive step in preparing our young people for the rigorous of life in the working world. We pride ourselves on trusting our young people and empowering them to make NEW6 thrive.


At NEW6 we believe in developing confident, well rounded students able to take on a range of experiences in their adult lives. Our enrichment program is designed to support the curriculum students already study; with this in mind our enrichment programme combines academic and vocational courses to supplement your child’s education at NEW6.

Our enrichment programme includes:

  • Great Minds Tour
  • Apprenticeship talks/advice
  • UCAS Applications
  • Student Finance
  • Time Management
  • Exam Preparation and Revision
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Reading with Year 7
  • Extended Project
  • Sports Leaders
  • Football Coaching

University Links and Destinations

At NEW6 students are provided with individual advice and support with their UCAS applications to ensure that their chances of success are maximised. Students receive a range of lessons which are designed to offer guidance and support on future courses, university destinations and student finance.

We provide students with information on all University open days across the UK along with appropriate careers conventions and job opportunities. Business relationships are important because they increase the opportunity for students to get work-related experiences which will strengthen their CV’s in a time of high competition for the best university places and job training.

The academy takes great pride in the support it provides to ensure that every student gets the most professional and informed guidance for their future careers.

NEW6 also has established relationships with the following academic institutions:

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Birmingham – over 10% of our students will be working in their Access to Birmingham Scheme
  • University of Wolverhampton
  • Staffordshire University
  • Aston University