Behaviour for learning

We believe in “Excellence through Endeavour”. Respect, diligence, self-discipline, good manners and a concern for all, within and beyond our community are the values that underpin our work and are what we expect from everyone.

  • Behave sensibly and obey instructions – Do not prevent others from working. Listen when the Teacher is talking, when sharing expertise. Treat one another with politeness, courtesy and respect.
  • Walk along corridors – Think about your safety and that of others. Use the one way system through the day and walk sensibly and quietly around the academy. Keep to paths and away from the car parks.
  • Be pleasant and polite – Do not use language that is abusive, offensive or rude. Do not shout, call out, interrupt or answer back.
  • Be considerate to others – Everyone has a right to attend the academy without fear or bullying. This applies equally when students are on their way to or from the academy. Bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Complete all work, private study and homework on time – The academy is a place of work where everyone can make progress. Always attempt your work to the best of your ability. The Student Planner must be used everyday to log homework, coursework and to set targets.

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The Hub gives identified students access to mentoring and support aimed at improving behaviour and developing appropriate social skills. The staff work closely with families, teachers and students to solve individual problems. This ensures that all students have the opportunity to successfully complete their academy careers.

In order to ensure consistently high standards of behaviour the academy operates a consequences system.

All behaviours are recorded on SIMS, with each type of behaviour given a level from 1 to 5. Students are expected to complete an appropriate consequence, whilst being given the opportunity to reflect on their behaviour and future conduct.

Alongside the consequences system the academy also operates a reward system. Student’s are given points for their achievements. These points can be exchanged for academy rewards.