At Ormiston New Academy our house system is an integral part of our student experience, promoting inclusion, participation and a healthy sense of competition.

Our students are divided into one of three houses, named after three of Britain’s peaks; Snowdon, Scafell and Nevis, signifying the students’ ascent to reaching success.



  • Head of House – Mrs A Brittain
  • House Sigil – Lion
  • House Colour – Yellow


  • Head of House – Mrs A Cowell
  • House Sigil – Wolf
  • House Colour – Red


  • Head of House – Miss Ferrigon-Bryan
  • House Sigil – Snow Leopard
  • House Colour – Blue

Head of House System – Mrs K Everitt-Smith

House Coordinator – Mrs J Smedley-Baugh

Throughout the course of the academic year, we host a range of house events allowing both students and staff with a range of talents to showcase their skills and earn valuable house points.

Some of our annual events include:

  • Sports Day
  • Bake-Off
  • Masterchef
  • Photography Competition
  • Showcase
  • Sports Competitions
  • Snowdon house are our reigning champions for 2019/2020.