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Posted on: 23rd May 2018

As 15th-21st May marks National Deaf Awareness Week and also the end of our Sixth Form BSL club, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the students and staff who have supported our attempt to raise awareness in school.

In 8 months we have worked hard to increase local deaf awareness and, with the help of Neil (our teacher/signer), our students have covered the amount of content equivalent to a Level 1 BSL qualification.

Our links with Wolverhampton’s Sensory Inclusion Service, Adult Education College and Grand Theatre have really increased awareness and I’m really proud that students have stuck with the sessions throughout their A-Levels. (Hannah McEnery is even using Sign in her volunteer work and has put together a fantastic photo booklet of their journey to say thank you to everyone at the SIS).

To my knowledge we have no BSL signers in school but we do have several students with hearing impairments and the sessions have aimed to promote an understanding of their different needs. 2018 sees a £4 million cut to funding support for deaf children so any efforts to break down communication barriers is greatly valued.

It has really exceeded my original intentions of a small lunch-time club! Thanks to Leanne and Ella, Neil Wilkins and Cate Bragger/SIS for all their help in setting this up.

Miss D Evans

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