Uniform Update 14.05.2021

Posted on: 18th May 2021

14th May 2021

Dear parents/carers,

I am writing today with some important news regarding our uniform. Over the last eighteen months, we have been working hard to raise standards across the Academy. Amongst the improvements that we have seen are our new ties which have been incredibly well received by our community and worn with pride by students. Additionally, we’ve introduced brand new blazers which all of our students will be wearing from September.

Whilst these may not seem like big changes, we believe in creating a community whose students believe in themselves and ensuring that every part of their life as a student with us is the best it can be. We think that having high standards across the board leads to better life chances.

Bradsports has served us as our uniform supplier for several years and we are grateful for their customer service and friendship to the Academy. Sadly, they are selling the business and we wish them well in their new ventures. On a more positive front, the sale is to a local company called Lads and Lasses who will continue to supply NEWA uniform. In addition, we will be working with Trutex in Wolverhampton who will also supply our uniform. Parents deserve choice and we are delighted to be working with two outstanding providers.

Uniform will be available online and in the respective shops. If you have any requirements, please contact the following:

Lads and Lasses
50A Warstones Rd, Penn Fields, Wolverhampton WV4 4LP
Phone: 01902 334650

Trutex Wolverhampton
14a Cleveland Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 3HH
Phone: 01902 593030

From September, we will also expect all students to wear proper school shoes. We are grateful to those families who have already made this change but we must now ensure this is consistent across all students in all year groups. I have enclosed a postcard that will be helpful when making shoe purchases over the summer. I realise that this has been an issue in the past and cost can play a significant part in the purchase of shoes. If you have any concerns with this, please contact me directly. I’ll be happy to talk to you and if costs are an issue we will do all we can to support your family.

Finally, hoodies have started to creep back in and we have to draw a line under this. From September, we will be taking a zero-tolerance approach on hoodies. They are not part of the NEWA uniform and students will not be able to wear them. Students have jumpers, blazers and coats to wear and these can be easily purchased from our new uniform suppliers. Again, this only affects a small minority but our standards must be upheld by all students.

We sincerely hope that you will support us in continuing to drive standards up in all that we do. Mr Cooling made pledges to everyone when he joined us and now, nearly two years later, we are making considerable progress which we couldn’t have done without your support. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs L Clarke
Assistant Principal – Behaviour & Safeguarding

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