Warm Weather Update

Posted on: 16th July 2022

With hot weather approaching on Monday and Tuesday, we need to consider uniform and ensure that our young people are comfortable. As our parents know, we always try to make balanced decisions and ensure we are timely in communicating this. If you have any questions or feedback, please message us.

Monday – Students can wear their PE kit if they wish or remain in uniform. On Monday we will also be finishing at the earlier time of 2.45pm.

Tuesday – all students are able to wear their PE kit. We will also be finishing at the earlier time of 1.00pm

Wednesday (weather returning to normal seasonal temperature) – normal uniform.

School Uniform
We would like for students to remain presentable. School blazers and jumpers may be kept off whilst in school and ties can be loosened. ‘Appropriate’ sun hats and sunglasses can be worn whilst out in direct sunlight at lunch and break times, but not during lessons or whilst moving between lessons.

Access to Water
Students are encouraged to drink regularly. It is advised that each student brings a full water bottle to school every day. These can then be re-filled throughout the day. So that lessons are not disrupted, it will still be the case that students will not be permitted to refill water bottles during lesson time, but instead they should use the break and lunchtime periods for this task. Under no circumstances are students to pour water over themselves or anybody else.

Sun Cream
Any student requiring sun cream protection, should, where possible, put it on at home before school, as staff cannot apply it. Students may bring sun cream into school to apply themselves, but they must not share it with others.

Medical conditions brought on by the sun, excessive heat and over exertion are a genuine concern at this time of year. The weather conditions will be monitored on a daily basis and further guidance may be made as appropriate.

Thank you. 

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