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I am delighted to have been appointed the Principal of Ormiston North East Wolverhampton Academy and I am very much looking forward to working together and meeting
students, families and members of the local community.

There won’t be a bedding in period because we have work to do. I am lucky to have a good team around me and we have already hit the ground running. Standards have to, and will, improve and we’re going to realise the potential of this fantastic school.

I believe in ensuring young people get the best opportunities and giving them all the tools they need to succeed in life. Great teaching and community values are the key to this success. I will be relentless in improving outcomes for all students, as our community deserves nothing less.

I recognise the importance of communicating, let’s open the channels of communication and talk. I have an open door policy. Please contact me through social media or just pick the phone up. Let’s solve problems and discuss opportunities together and ensure that our young people have the very best education.

Sending best wishes to you all,

Mr Craig Cooling


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Upcoming events

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On: 15th Oct 2019

PSHE Day 1, KS3/4

On: 17th Oct 2019

Autumn Half Term

On: 28th Oct 2019 to 1st Nov 2019

Murder Mystery

On: 6th Nov 2019